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My First Washtub Project

Posted by rockmumbles on August 28, 2006

My upright wastub p-bassI’m going to try to document the building of my 4 string washtub bass.

I’m starting from where I am now and will attempting to rewind to where it started.

I would like to get some “plans” together so I could share what I’ve done, overall I’m pretty satisfied with this project, but more mad science will be on its way I’m sure.

Here’s an earlier picture, see “My Washtub P-Bass” project page for more info etc… click here.


One Response to “My First Washtub Project”

  1. Well I finally got a neck of my own for the p-tub bass. I bought an AXS neck with tuners on ebay for $75, it is not as flexible as the ’93 Squire I had “borrowed”…

    I’ve also been experimenting with the piezo pickup, I have put a RLC filter on the disk to filter out the high frequencies. I have also built a “mint box buffer” to allow the ultra high impedence piezo pickup to interface with a normal high impedence input.

    More info coming …

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